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Hong Kong Life

During my recent stay in Hong Kong, I was able to capture some of the everyday goings on as well as document the two-day ceremony.  Of course, this is just a tiny slice of life in Hong Kong.  I could probably spend decades photographing within its 1,104.4 sq. km boundary and still only cover a fraction of what goes on.  So, for now, here’s a little something which you may not have seen before; a little less of the glitz and glamour, a little more of its inhabitants.

Hong Kong Life - DSC_0310_1_2
Hong Kong Life - DSC_0333
Hong Kong Life - DSC_0334
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4601
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4615
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4643
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4650
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4656
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4673
Hong Kong Life - DSC_8450
Hong Kong Life - DSC_8953
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9420
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9483
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9516
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9527
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9744


Julie Naybour

Hi, Just to say how much i enjoyed your photographs of HK. I lived there for 2.5 years, returning last October and still very very home sick for it.. It is a wonderful place and you captured many of the images i still long for. Thanks


Hi Julie, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and were able to connect with them. It’s a very special place for me to photograph. So, I can very much appreciate your home sickness! Thanks for taking the time to comment. :)


Really good sequence of shots, I lived in Hong Kong as a child and your photos bring back memories of wandering through markets, the sights and smells of being on the street… really doesn’t seem to have changed much in that regard!