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Lark Lane Flea Market

Today, I visited a charming little flea market in Liverpool’s very own bohemian district, Lark Lane.  It’s not often I visit markets such as these, but that might change after today.  Not only did I come away with a couple of bargain books for my 2-year old and came across some interesting characters, but it was quite a nice place to shoot some candids too.

Had the X-Pro 1 with me, but wish I’d had the X100S with its leaf shutter.  Oh, and a waist-level viewfinder would have been nice.  I might just take my Bronica next time…


Return to Ringside | Fuji X Photography

There are many ways in which people may be described as fighters and in the world of boxing there are no shortage of them. Wayne Smith is one of a smaller proportion of those people who could be labelled a fighter for very different reasons. A boxer since his teenage years, Wayne suffered a devastating injury early in his career; an injury which would have debilitated most people. Being a fighter, Wayne, now in his forties, has overcome numerous issues relating to his injuries and returned to boxing to share his experience as a coach at Golden Gloves gym in Dingle.

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Infrared Photography with the Fujifilm X100S

Last year, I took a fancy to infrared photography with the Fujifilm X100 and Hoya IR filter.  Whilst the results from this combination provided me with great results, I found a tripod to be a vital piece of equipment whenever I used it due to the lengthy exposures required.  The X100 performed well at high ISOs, but not so great when it came to capturing landscapes in infrared where there tends to be more scrutiny on details.

With the release of the X100S and its enhanced high ISO performance offering the possibility of going tripod-less whilst using an IR filter, I set off for a week away in the English countryside.  I wasn’t disappointed with the results from the camera.

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First Wedding with Fuji’s X-Pro 1

Fuji recently released firmware v2.0 update for the X-Pro 1 and I’m very glad they did because it gave me enough confidence to use the camera at a wedding I photographed at the weekend. Prior to the v2.0 update, I was a bit hesitant to use it at an event such as a wedding where many of the moments I aim to capture (usually candidly) last only a few seconds. With wedding venues often being dimly lit, the main concerns for me revolved around focusing, namely:

  • The speed of focusing in low light.
  • The inability to use manual focusing due to the process of turning the focus ring feeling very detached from the lens focusing movement.
  • The EVF freeze-framing during auto-focusing.

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Sefton Park in infrared

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with photographing the landscape of Liverpool’s Sefton Park with an infrared (IR) filter mounted onto my Fuji X100.  The X100 makes for a very capable IR camera with a Hoya R72 49mm filter.  Using this combination, even in bright sunlight, often requires the use of a steady tripod (my Benro carbon fibre tripod does a fine job) due to the relatively long exposures required to capture enough of the IR light which makes it past the X100’s internal IR blocking filter.  For those times when a longer exposure is required to smooth out moving water or to make moving people disappear from the resultant image, the X100’s built-in 2-stop ND filter comes in very useful.

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