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Sea Odyssey – Liverpool 2012

Over the past few days (20th-23rd April), Liverpool has played host to one of the biggest street theatre productions in its history.  Street theatre company, Royal De Luxe, played out their Sea Odyssey production across the north and city centre of Liverpool using giant marionettes up to a massive 50-foot in height.

The story features a 30-foot Little Girl Giant and her quest to find her Giant Uncle who is in turn searching for her in order to deliver a letter recovered from the wreck of the sunken Titanic.  Fortunately, the Little Girl Giant wasn’t alone in her travels as she had her dog, Xolo, to accompany her around the streets of Liverpool.

It’s a sweet and heart-warming story played out on a massive scale.  Without witnessing the event for yourself, it’s almost massive beyond comprehension.  It’s reported that half-a-million people took to the streets in order to watch the event.  That in itself is an incredible attendance number for any event never mind a free event.  The event was labelled the Giant Spectacular and it was a very apt label because it was very much giant and spectacular!

I had the pleasure of attending day 2 of the 3-day production.  Here are a few photos from the day.

Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3263-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3267-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3291-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3302-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3389-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3399-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3418-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3433-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3444-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - 700_3457-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - DSC00142-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - DSC00156-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - DSC00161-Edit
Liverpool Sea Odyssey 2012 - DSC00207-Edit





Hazy Liverpool from the air

I recently booked a helicopter flight around Liverpool with the intention of shooting some aerial photos.  When the day of the flight actually came, it turned out to be quite hazy even though it appeared to be fairly clear from the ground.  Although I didn’t manage to get the photographs I’d originally intended to get, what I did manage to shoot was nonetheless worth the trip.

Liverpool aerial - 700_2981-Edit

Hong Kong Life

During my recent stay in Hong Kong, I was able to capture some of the everyday goings on as well as document the two-day ceremony.  Of course, this is just a tiny slice of life in Hong Kong.  I could probably spend decades photographing within its 1,104.4 sq. km boundary and still only cover a fraction of what goes on.  So, for now, here’s a little something which you may not have seen before; a little less of the glitz and glamour, a little more of its inhabitants.

Hong Kong Life - DSC_0310_1_2
Hong Kong Life - DSC_0333
Hong Kong Life - DSC_0334
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4601
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4615
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4643
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4650
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4656
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4673
Hong Kong Life - DSC_8450
Hong Kong Life - DSC_8953
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9420
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9483
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9516
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9527
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9744

Hong Kong Beliefs

I’m by no means a religious person, but there’s something irresistibly quaint about beliefs and tradition within Chinese culture.  No matter where in Hong Kong you go, if you look hard enough you’ll find something that points to some sort of religion or tradition.  It might be as obvious as a 112-foot bronze Buddha which can be seen from miles away, temples hidden in amongst the hi-rises, shrines in the streets and people’s homes, banyans designated as wishing trees laden with wishes tied to oranges, fortune telling through divination or the practice of ancestor worship.  I can’t help but to find it endearing that such things can exist within a society saturated with hi-tech.

Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_0363
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_9941
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_9902
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_9465
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_9446
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_4973
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_4935
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_4910
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_4856
Hong Kong Beliefs - DSC_0504