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Hong Kong Maids on Sunday

One of Hong Kong’s interesting characteristics is its 300,000+ population of live-in domestic helpers from mostly the Philippines and Indonesia.  Due to the busy and time demanding work lives of their employers, the domestic helpers who typically look after the household and any children apart from Sundays when they all get the day off.  You may be wondering just what 300,000 people who are mostly housebound during the rest of the week do on their day off.  Well, they get together where ever they can and enjoy themselves much like how you or I might, but Hong Kong isn’t a place where space is plentiful.  So, some public spaces within the city tend to see a sudden surge in population each weekend…

Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8646
Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8729
Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8763
Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8780
Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8799
Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8802
Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8840
Hong Kong Maids on Sunday - DSC_8874

Hong Kong After Dark

Hong Kong at night is one of the most amazing time and places to be.  Public transport and the retail/leisure industry keep going until late evening which means it’s easy to get around.  With vast amounts being invested into the tourism sector (e.g. the famous Symphony of Lights show which runs daily at 8pm) there’s always plenty to see and do.  It’s also a very safe place to walk around with expensive camera equipment which means more time and effort spent on photography and less on worrying about being robbed.

Hong Kond After Dark - c41-DSC_5541
Hong Kond After Dark - c44-DSC_4586
Hong Kond After Dark - c45-DSC_9588
Hong Kond After Dark - c48-DSC_9091
Hong Kond After Dark - c50-DSC_9124
Hong Kond After Dark - c51-DSC_5438-Edit
Hong Kond After Dark - c51-DSC_5498
Hong Kond After Dark - c71-DSC_4380-Edit


‘Consecration’ Gallery Online

I’ve just finished uploading the photographs which form Consecration; my documentary project based upon the events of a two-day ceremony to commemorate the completion of a new ancestral hall in my family’s village in Hong Kong.  You can view the gallery over at

A subset of these photographs were recently exhibited as part of the Look2011 International Photography Festival hosted in Liverpool.