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Hong Kong Life

During my recent stay in Hong Kong, I was able to capture some of the everyday goings on as well as document the two-day ceremony.  Of course, this is just a tiny slice of life in Hong Kong.  I could probably spend decades photographing within its 1,104.4 sq. km boundary and still only cover a fraction of what goes on.  So, for now, here’s a little something which you may not have seen before; a little less of the glitz and glamour, a little more of its inhabitants.

Hong Kong Life - DSC_0310_1_2
Hong Kong Life - DSC_0333
Hong Kong Life - DSC_0334
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4601
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4615
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4643
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4650
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4656
Hong Kong Life - DSC_4673
Hong Kong Life - DSC_8450
Hong Kong Life - DSC_8953
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9420
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9483
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9516
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9527
Hong Kong Life - DSC_9744

Hong Kong After Dark

Hong Kong at night is one of the most amazing time and places to be.  Public transport and the retail/leisure industry keep going until late evening which means it’s easy to get around.  With vast amounts being invested into the tourism sector (e.g. the famous Symphony of Lights show which runs daily at 8pm) there’s always plenty to see and do.  It’s also a very safe place to walk around with expensive camera equipment which means more time and effort spent on photography and less on worrying about being robbed.

Hong Kond After Dark - c41-DSC_5541
Hong Kond After Dark - c44-DSC_4586
Hong Kond After Dark - c45-DSC_9588
Hong Kond After Dark - c48-DSC_9091
Hong Kond After Dark - c50-DSC_9124
Hong Kond After Dark - c51-DSC_5438-Edit
Hong Kond After Dark - c51-DSC_5498
Hong Kond After Dark - c71-DSC_4380-Edit